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VST Ultra Vac Vapor Assist Hose

Designed for Assist type systems where maximum flow rate and efficiency are required. Light-weight and flexible construction provides the most user friendly system available with up to 40% improved flow rates. Factory built-in value added products are integral parts to the hose and eliminate the need for secondary connections.

VST Assist Hose is also available in Healy style.

Ultra Vac Hose Specifications

• FUEL TUBE - High grade nitrile handles all types of gasoline, diesel and blended fuels, including MTBE and ethanol additives.

• COVER - Specially designed, chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) provides maximum ozone, abrasion and chemical resistance for longer service life.

• COUPLINGS - Plated brass M-34 tread is for use with all CARB approved Vac Assist systems. Special 1-1/4" thread for use
with Healy systems.

• BEARING SLEEVE - VST's unique bearing sleeve design maintains easy nozzle rotation, assures conductive path without metal to metal contact and reduces O-ring leaks.

• SWIVEL - Mechanical spring loaded lip seal maintains constant compression in all fuels, temperatures and service conditions. Coupled with the bearing sleeve requires less than 1/4 the torque than competitive swivels, which translates into less stress flexing on the hose with the added benefit of longer service life. User friendly swivel provides maximum service life for the
entire hose system.

• OPTIONAL BUILT-IN VARIABLE FLOW REGULATOR - Variable design allows for maximum flow without exceeding 10 GPM legal limit and complies with Federal EPA regulations.

• OPTIONAL SAFETY CHECK VALVE - VST's patented Safety Check Valve operates in the event of any malfunction or breech between the vapor and fuel lines. The valve closes when there is no vacuum in the vapor line and protects the line from fuel and condensation leaks.

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